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Forum Use Disclaimer

Post by TehGhost382 on Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:40 pm

By registering with and posting on the forums of the Tales of Lorlyn Minecraft Project, you agree that you will not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, hateful, harassing, obscene, sexual content, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any International or United States Federal  law. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or you have written consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Spam, phishing, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes and solicitations are also forbidden on our forums. Recruitment for other Minecraft communities is forbidden on our forums. Politically and religiously charged posts will not be tolerated. Abusers will be kicked and/or banned from the forums.

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